Ecco Basic Wind Turbine Ventilator

Ecco Wind Turbine Ventilators enjoy the confidence of those who have already installed them. Sales of our industrial ventilation systems, natural lighting and extractors are growing day by day, nationally and internationally


The ecological wind turbine ventilator is an innovative extraction and ventilation system that provides permanent air renewal, 24 hours a day. Favorable air conditions will, in turn, increase productivity, as a result of improved environmental conditions in the workplace, all at lower cost.


Its functioning is based on the use of two fictitious motors:

  • The first of these allows the evacuation of hot air as a result of the exhaust created by the interior and exterior pressure differences. The hot air in the building rises and exits through the exhaust, while cooler air enters from the outside.
  • The second process is the result of the action of the wind on the Wind Turbine Ventilator, which causes a depression in the interior and thereby a suction in the air flow.

It is the most efficient and economic industrial ventilation system in the market, with no consumption costs and minimal maintenance.

It is made entirely of aluminum, which offers unbeatable advantages.

The product is currently available in 10″ (250mm), 14″ (350mm), 16″ (400mm) and 20″ (500mm) models, with a different exhaust capacity for each type.