Ecco – Hybrid Solar Wind Turbine Ventilator

Los Extractores Eólicos Ecco gozan de la confianza de quienes ya lo han instalado, creciendo día a día la venta de nuestros sistemas de ventilación industrial , iluminacion natural y extractores a nivel nacional e internacional.


This ecological ventilation system is the most complete one in its range, since in addition to harnessing wind and solar energy, achieving high energy savings, it offers the possibility of securing a determined exhaust capacity, in accordance with the specific needs of each moment.

It can be supplemented with thermostat, hygrostat or pressure switch.

Operating situations:

  • If there is no wind we can rely on the sun
  • If there is no sun we can rely on the action of the wind
  • If there were no sun or wind, the Ecco- Hybrid Solar Wind Turbine Ventilator relies on an electronically commutated motor (EC) that will be activated to ensure the exhaust flow rate required at each moment. Check its advantages