Ecco Hybrid Wind Turbine Ventilator

Ecco Wind Turbine Ventilators enjoy the confidence of those who have already installed them. Sales of our industrial ventilation systems, natural lighting and extractors are growing day by day, nationally and internationally.


The new Ecco- Hybrid Wind Turbine Ventilator is a combination of Basic Wind Turbine Ventilator with an electric fan, designed to ensure a permanent exhaust flow with minimum power consumption. The result are healthy spaces, full of life, thanks to renewed and clean air, drawn in from outside. It uses an electronically commutated motor (EC), connected to the powerline, activated during periods of greater ventilation requirements.


Since it is not totally dependent on wind power, it offers a number of additional advantages derived from its continuous operation, regardless of weather conditions

It is applicable for both the residential field, fulfilling the Technical Building Code (TBC), and for the industrial sector.

The product is currently available in 16″ (400mm) and 20″ (500mm) models, with a different exhaust capacity for each type.

It can be supplemented with thermostat, hygrostat or pressure switch.